Team Goon Skates Coronado Skate Park

With the sounds of the band Aggression playing the Team Goon riders made a trip down to Coronado Island to skate this hyped spot. We have not seen much, if any coverage of this park anywhere on the web, so we made the trip to bring it to you. In our skate parks section you can see a complete photo layout of the place. With over 20 photos to get you up close with this park, you will not be disappointed if you make the trip.

To get to the park you will need to make your way south down the 5 freeway to downtown San Diego. You will then want to take the Coronado Bay Bridge across to Coronado Island. Since you will have you car loaded down with all your friends you will not be asked to pay a $1.00 toll. The skate park is literally to the right of the toll plaza. Make your first left after the toll plaza and then the next right turn and you are there.

Most of the city parks we have been to are not worthy of charging a fee to skate, yet this one was. The first time you go there you have to pay a $10.00 membership fee to skate your first time and you are comp'd the session. The fee to skate after that is a measly $5 bucks for a 4 hour session.

There is basically no street section to this park other than a couple of rails, so if you are a pure street skater you will not be very challenged with what we called the warm up section.

This place suited Team Goon vert riders, Kyle and David just fine
though. The first bowl was like the clover bowls of the old days, with the top part of the clover being squared which barely goes to a vert on the 3 side of it. This bowl is cool to grind from bowl to bowl within the main clover bowl.

David managed to find a creative way of exiting the left side of the Clover bowl ..... up and over the side, causing the people in the registration area to jump on the table there ..... pretty funny site.

The bowl in the back has an unique hip that goes to the right. Kyle thought this bowl was a little tight, yet once you got used to it you could work it well. This was the kind of bowl that you could skate just about anyway you wanted - as a bowl ride or a mini half pipe. While we were there we saw everything from grinding all the way through to the hip to hand plants on the deep end.

The place is very smooth to roll on, and we were not able to find one kink in the entire place!!!  Put this place on your road trip list.

The summer hours are Monday - Friday Session 1 is 1pm to 7pm for $5. On Saturday and Sunday Session 1 is 9am to 1pm for $5, Session 2 is 1pm to 5pm for $5, Session 3 is 5pm to 7pm for $3. You have to wear full equipment and they have rentals.