October 2004

Skate Scene Media


When Halloween roles around every year it is one of those holidays that bring out the freak factor that is so fun to be apart of. Take for example the Halloween Concrete Disciples bash. Everyone showed up for the most part in a Halloween costume to skate Houghton skate park in Long Beach. Kids that localize the park were all WTF?, and at the same time enjoyed the freak show.

The old school prison look was popular this year along with RocknRon sporting the LA County Jail look. This link has more photo take by our pal MRZ. After skating this part for a while everyone moved over to Channel Street in San Pedro for some more fun.

This park was built under a freeway underpass where the bums once slept and drank cheap wine. People still drink cheap wine here and now they can also skate. CD ringleader J.ed sported a Dracula costume -the cape flapping as he flew by was bitchen to see. Now dales on the other hand with a short dress and no bra was a bit much .... funny stuff none the less.


As the CD fun moved over to a local ramp at Barfly's for the conclusion of the fun. We bailed out at this point to go to The Troubadour in Hollywood to see Youth Brigade. Considering all the shows that were going on all over SoCal there still was a strong turnout for this show. Plenty of stage diving and slamming was in order for this show. During their last song, "Sink With California" the kids got up on stage to sing along to this YB classic.

The next night, actually on Halloween night we went to The Grove in Anaheim where DI, Agent Orange and The Misfits were playing. Another killer weekend is in the books with plenty of skating, Punk rocking and most importantly, hanging out with friends, because in this world all you really got is your friends.

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