December 31, 2004

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No matter where you are on the world, New Year's Eve partys are everywhere and come in all shapes and forms. With all the options of partys to go to in Southern California the choice for us was the Varla Magazine New Years Bash. The Knitting Factory in Hollywood is where the party was held and they had the entire place for the party, -the smaller room was the VIP room, the medium and large room as well as the entire upstairs. All you have to do in cruise the Varla website and you get the drift of what the vibe of the party would be -girls and music.

The party to night would host some killer bands, The Adicts, Throwrag, Texas Terri Bomb, 45 Grave, Speedbuggy and The Gore Gonz. Since we were given a VIP laminate we had access to all we could drink to boot. Before the event went off we found Rachel Varla greeting The Adicts and making sure that they were all set for the show -very nice greeting!


45 Grave

Love those eyes

You're Evil

The doors to the party were now open and we were getting familiar with the use of our VIP laminate and we were now ready for the show. Towards the end of 45 Grave's set the burlesque show of the night. Thanks to Randy "The Shoe" he was able to clue us in that this was starting and to get our ass over to the big room.

                The Burlesque of Mimi LeMeaux      -Varla cover girl of issue 6

Bastard Road Crew




Right after the burlesque show, Texas Terri Bomb took the stage and played a great set!

It seemed like we kept running in and out of the VIP room to get a refill. Inside the VIP room was a TV screen where we could see and hear the band that was on the main stage. In the VIP room was plenty to drink and eat for those with a laminate.

It was not really determined if the taps behind the bar were part of the deal, but it seemed like people wanted to make sure it did not go to waste and partied on them as well..

"The goddess of grotesque Burlesque, Mistress Persephone"  -Varla cover girl of issue 2

Another burlesque show was scheduled for this evening that was perhaps a little less conventional. Not sure exactly what the art form was called but what it appeared like to us was this gal using herself as a pin cushion -we suspect that this was not the first time she has done this was was trained in it. It certainly was an unforgettable show.

Drink up

Throwrag  -Sean


At this point we have had few more drinks and all the party goers were primed for Throwrag to take the stage. Don't let the polyester suit fool you, Sean the singer of the band is a full on skater and loves taking down a good pool. This band is always touring the world and it was great to spend New Years with the Throwrag guys.

It was now approaching midnight and everyone at the party flooded into the large room and the entire upstairs. Rachel Varla thanked everyone for coming out and then she counted down the seconds to midnight and the start of 2005.

At the stroke of midnight The Adicts come on stage and began to play "Viva La Revolution" followed by "Let's Go" and "Tango". Tonight The Adicts played their version of "Falling In Love Again", this was the first time they have ever played this song in the United States.

When they played "Naughty Girl" off their new album Rollercoaster, a bunch of girls including Texas Terri took the stage to sing along. At the end of the song, Monkey dived into the audience and was surfed around till the Bastard Road Crew could fish him out of the crowd. They played "Cup Of Tea" for the people who were sober in the crowd -someone has to drive these people home safely.

The 22 song set came to a real highlight when Varla cover girl of issue 11, Kristina came on to play "How Sad" with the band. 70 minutes later the show was coming to an end and they closed out the night with "Viva La Revolution" but changed the words of the song to "Happy F*cking New Year". Once the dust had cleared we knew that we had just taken in the best New Years party ever. A few band notes are: Kidd lost one of his shoes and was pissed. Joe on bass did a great job filling in since the Blither Brother (Scruff and Mel) could not make it over from England. Pete was sober again. Monkey was completely hammered. A super huge thanks needs to go out to Rachel Varla and Elise for their hard work in making this a New Years party to remember for everyone who attended.

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